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About us

Sanilar is a company that has been producing, importing, exporting and selling chemical and household cleaning products for more than 40 years.

Com 80 colaboradores e 2.345 metros de área construída somos a maior produtora de naftaleno (NAFTALINA), importado e exportado para as Américas, Europa e Ásia. Somos líderes na produção e comercialização de PARADICLOROBENZENO (PDCB, p-diclorobenzeno), de diversos produtores de várias nacionalidades. Temos ainda uma completa linha de Pedras Sanitárias, Anti Mofo e Naftalina.

Our Objectives


Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by producing an effective chemical and household cleaning product.


Convey trust and generate links with the consumers of our products.


  • Quality
  • Team work
  • Ethics and respect

Quality policy

The continuous improvement always aiming at the operational efficiency and the complete satisfaction of our clients.

We are always interested in new projects, big or small. Contact us.

If you want to contact us about anything, please call (11) 2413-5111 or send an email. If not, request a quotation.

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